Origami Fox

Origami Fox

Origami Fox involves not many paper foldings and is easy to make. It’s amazing what one can accomplish with just a piece of paper by following just a few simple steps.

In just 15 easy steps, you will have a Origami Fox ready. Let’s get started.

Start with a 6 inch or 15 cm square paper. Do a mountain fold along the diagonal as shown.

Origami Fox Step 1

Origami Fox Step 2

Origami Fox Step 3

Open the above diagonal fold and go for a mountain fold along the other diagonal. Crease well along the folds made. Keep the paper folding in the position shown below.

Origami Fox Step 4

Form two folds such that the two flaps can close them at the bottom left corner.

Origami Fox Step 5

Origami Fox Step 6

Origami Fox Step 7

Fold again diagonal formed by the two top flaps of the square paper folding. This forms a triangle.

Origami Fox Step 8

Origami Fox Step 9

Fold along a line 1 inch inside of one side of triangle as shown. Crease well.

Origami Fox Step 10

Open the folding formed and try to form a squash fold in the middle layer of 3 layer of paper folds as shown.

Origami Fox Step 11

Origami Fox Step 12

To come up with a tail for this cute little fox, fold along the line drawn against the corner which is diagonally opposite to the Origami fox’s head.

Origami Fox Step 13

Turn the paper folding by 180 degrees.

Origami Fox Step 14

Mark with pencil or crayon and Origami Fox is now ready!

Origami Fox Step 15

Place Origami paper folding on a table and you will discover that the Origami fox is able to stand on its legs!

Origami Fox
Origami Fox

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